Minecraft Camps

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  • Fun


    Minecraft Camps are above all, great fun. Watch some of the videos to hear the buzz in all of the Minecraft Camps we have held. We include the Harlem Shake and have all sorts of cool prizes.

  • Collaboration


    Minecraft Camps allow for individual and group learning. What we find is that even the most introverted kids become highly social in the excitement of playing their favourite game with so many others.

  • 21st Century Skills

    21st Century Skills

    Minecraft addresses all of the 21st century skills: Critical Thinking, Creativity, problem solving, decision making, collaboration, communication, ICT literacy and more. We highlight and explore these skills too.

  • Teacher Facilitated

    Teacher Facilitated

    Sure, Minecraft Camps are great fun, but because we are teachers, we cant help but inject a healthy dose of learning into our Camps. Kids learn IT skills, like taking screen shots and making video tutorials.

  • Highly Motivated

    Highly Motivated

    Minecraft is different from other innovative technologies, this one is truly driven by kids' passion and enthusiasm. You will be astounded by the depth of knowledge your kids have in the game. Parents that stay for a while are always amazed at what their kids can already do.

  • Leadership Skills

    Leadership Skills

    In a multiplayer environment Minecraft facilitates leadership, empathy, management and social skills. In our Minecraft Camps, we are constantly blown away by the leadership kids demonstrate.

My kids attended the Minecraft camp at Rosebery in the July holidays and they gained so much in terms of social interactions both online and face-to-face. The learning that my children experienced and knowledge in so many areas I did not realise how much they know and can do!
Karen Symonds
- Teacher, Darwin Middle School, NT, Australia

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What Are Parents Saying

about Minecraft Camps

Thank You Tim for bringing Minecraft Camp to Nhulunbuy. It was truly awesome to see something that could captivate 20+ kids for 7 hours a day for 2 days. My son William could not get out of bed quick enough to get to the Minecraft Camp. To see what was created by what was a group of mostly young kids, over the 2 days was amazing. Once again, and I am sure, from all who attended, thank you.
William's Dad
My two boys aged 10 and 11 thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day Minecraft Camp, even though they are already seasoned players, they came away from day one raving and very excited about day 2. The camp seemed to offer a good mix of gameplay and education but also had them up and moving frequently with the Harlem Shake. Thanks Tim for a great 2 days, my sons are still talking about it 3 days later
Andrew & Thomas' Mum
My three boys had an awesome time at the Anula Minecraft Camp. It was great for them to hook up with kids they had met at previous camps, and also to catch up with kids from their school whom they normally wouldn't see in the holidays. The best part is that they are now fighting less at home when they are using the iPad and the computer - rather, they are helping each other to build worlds and create amazing things in Minecraft. Thanks, Tim!
The Modra Boys' Mum

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